Ed Sheeran offers fans the chance to win a date night with him to help beat cancer. YES PLEASE.

If we could invent our own dream competition, we’d probably offer you the chance to win a night with your DREAM famous bloke, and it’d all be for a really good cause too. Funnily enough, some clever old sausage has created exactly that, and it’s all very exciting.

If ginger blokes in tshirts armed with an acoustic guitar float your boat as much as they float ours, you’ll be pretty pleased to hear that there’s a chance to win an actual date with the one and only Ed Sheeran, all in the name of beating cancer. AMAZING.

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Ed Sheeran

Ed has teamed up with FCancer to help raise as much money as possible to put towards the ongoing battle against finding a cure for cancer, and for donating as little as just over £1, you could be in with a chance of heading out for a romantic evening with him. Oh jeez, just imagine...

Chatting about the competition, Ed said: “I am excited to partner with FCancer to help fuel their efforts in early detection, prevention and communication around cancer. FCancer is humanising cancer and talking about stuff that no one else really does.”

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The amazing comp is being run by Prizeo, and by pledging as little as $3, or just over £1 to the cause, you’ll be entered in the draw for the grand prize, to win a flight to London, LA or NYC with a friend, to have dinner with Ed and FCancer founder Yael Cohen (who’ll be a bit of a gooseberry if we win because we’ll obvs be snogging Ed all evening).

Other cracking prizes include a signed and dedicated lyrics sheet, a signed photo, posters and tshirts.

Ed Sheeran

If you fancy entering the incredible competition, and helping out a very worthy cause at the same time, you can head over to Ed’s page on Prizeo to find out all the little details He’s already raised over $130,000 so you’d better get stuck in. You never know, you might even get a cheeky song.

What do you reckon to Ed taking part in such a great comp? Are you going to give it a go?

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