Zayn Malik gets huge new gun tattoo on his hip - pic

We were just saying the other day that it feels like it's been quite a while since any of the One Direction lads permanently scarred their bodies with some fresh ink. We almost thought they might have been over the whole 'tattooing' thing now.

But clearly we were wrong, because Zayn Malik's gone and gotten himself a brand new tatt, but instead of another cartoon creation of his future wife to be or an homage to Taylor Lautner, he's gone for a bit of a serious one instead.

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Zayn Malik gets huge new gun tattoo on his hip - Zayn Malik images -

Image: Twitter

Yep, el Maliko visited his favourite LA tattoo parlour this week to have some more work done on his beautiful bod, and as it turns out he emerged with a huge inking of a gun along his ribcage and his hip.

But while we're sure this is just another deep and meaningful 1D tatt that shouldn't be read into too much, it won't be too surprising that some people will find this particular doodle a little bit controversial. It is a weapon after all. A drawn on one, but still.

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It probably doesn't make things much better than Zayn's tattooist Louis F Perez III (yep, that's his name) posted a snap of the finished design and posted it to Instagram with the caption: "Made sure my homey was strapped."

Clearly someone realised that wasn't the *best* thing to say pretty quickly though, as the picture was removed a while afterwards - but by that point the snap of Maliko's new tattoo had taken over Twitter. Obviously.

Zayn Malik gets huge new gun tattoo on his hip - Zayn Malik images -

Well, Zayn's a pretty artistic guy and we reckon he just wanted a cool design slapped onto his body - and it is his body after all. A very, very nice one. Although, we reckon this new tatt will come in handy to encourage some future toplessness, so there's a definite plus. 

But what do you think of Zayn's gun tattoo? Are people reading too much into it or is it a bit irresponsible of him to get that kind of inking? Comments please...

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