Sugarscape's Hottest Lads 2013 - submit your nominations NOW

We love December. Not only does it mean we can wear tinsel in our hair without getting funny looks on the tube (well, not many funny looks) but it also means it's time for SUGARSCAPE'S HOTTEST LADS.

Every year we compile a list of the year's hottest, fittest and swoonsworthy celeb guys (yes they do have to be famous. No, you can't nominate Barry from down the road) based on votes from YOU our lovely readers.

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sugarscape hottest lads 2013

The competition is fierce. Celeb lads tremble in their sexy boots at the thought of slipping down a place in the rankings from last year, and fans shamelessly campaign for their idols on Twitter.

There are two phases leading up to the esteemed awards; nominations and voting.

1. Nominations are open RIGHT NOW - and you can submit as many names as you want using the form below.

2. Once we’ve compiled a shortlist of 50 celeb males based on your nominations (see, we are doing some of the work), the VOTING will open to decide who gets the crown.

So what are you waiting for? Get your nominations in RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Exciting, innit??

Nominations are open for ONE WEEK ONLY (closes 3rd December 2013) and voting will open shortly after.

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