Harry Styles and Zac Braff enjoy a candlelit dinner in New York (sadly not while dressed as Lilo and Stitch)

Earlier this year an unlikely twitter friendship was bought to our attention when Scrubs star Zach Braff tweeted One Direction's Harry Styles regarding a Halloween costume. Now the pair have met in real life - and as bromances go, we're shipping more than an old person who loves cruises.

harry styles and zach braff go for dinner - harry styles images - sugarscape.com

Back in October Zachy B took to Twittooorrrrr to ask for Harreh's measurements (we'd quite like those too, just FYI), writing: "@HarryStyles I'm being you for Halloween. Can you DM me your measurements?". Harry replied with a wisecrack involving Disney characters Lilo & Stitch and THUS THE FRIENDSHIP WAS BORN.

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Now the pair have graduated to actual real life pals, after they enjoyed a spot of dinner together in New York and took this beautifully romantic joint selfie.

harry styles zach braff dinner - harry styles images - sugarscape.com

"Romantic candlelit dinner with my BFF @HarryStyles at Mermaid Oyster Bar in NYC", tweeted Braffers.

Hach (probs a bit too soon for ship names but WE DON'T CARE) were also snapped by a sneaky diner, who probs did the whole 'i-'m-just-texting-while-balancing-my-phone-on-the-table-in-this-awkward-way' thing to get this shot.

harry styles zach braff dinner - harry styles images - sugarscape.com

So. That's it really. Two famous people went out for some food together and held candles under their chins. SHUT UP THIS IS NEWS.

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