Harry Styles on One Direction dating advice: "We talk about our girl problems together"

You know how you can often spend a boring Monday morning pondering over just what One Direction talk about behind closed doors? Well yeah, we totally do that too, and at Sugarscape HQ it's pretty much a daily debate.

So while we always thought the lads would be shirtless and discussing the latest football scores or the art of perfecting a cheese toastie (all while being shirtless, that's a very important factor for us), it turns out they're pretty much like a bunch of girls.

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Harry Styles talks One Direction dating advice - One Direction images - sugarscape.com 

But not in the 'spending hours doing each other's hair and make up' type way (we *think*) but in the gossiping about their love lives type of way - which makes our insides tingle just thinking about it. GAH.

Yep, according to Harry, the boys like to hash out their issues with the ladies all together like a little boyband support group with probably a lot of cuddling and Niall providing the comfort food.

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Hazlan revealed that each of them spills the beans on their relationships to each other, which should probably have every romantically linked gal pal shivering in their trendy boots right now.

Chatting to Top of the Pops magazine, el Styles said: "Yes! You know we travel all the time together, so if someone’s having problems with a girl, they’ll come into the car and tell everyone what’s going on. Then we all kind of give our advice."

Harry Styles talks One Direction dating advice - One Direction images - sugarscape.com

So there's most definitely a lot of 'her hair's shinier than mine, argh' and 'her jeans look SO much better on me' type of discussions going on there. Kendall Jenner, you better be on your best behaviour girlfriend.

But what do you make of this revelation, eh? Do you think the 1D lads are good at fixing each other's love lives? Are you picturing the five of them in one big ol' sharing circle? Us too. Comments please...

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