Sugarscape's Hottest Lads 2013: VOTE FOR YOUR WINNER HERE


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Forget about The Grammys, turn your nose up at the Brits - because Sugarscape's Hottest Lads is the EVENT OF THE YEAR - with you lot voting for your fave hot male celebs every December.

Last month you submitted your nominations for the Top 50 shortlist in your thousands, and now it's time for the serious stuff. It's time to VOTE FOR YOUR WINNER.

Scroll down to see which fit specimens made the Top 50, and click the link under the pic of the guy you think deserves Sugarscape's Hottest Lad crown to vote.

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Clicking the link will send out a tweet from your Twitter account, which counts as ONE VOTE. You can vote as many times as you like, and a retweets will also count as ANOTHER VOTE.

It's all very 21st Century isn't it? So, what are you waiting for? GET VOTING.

Alfie Deyes:Vote for Alfie Deyes

Ansel Elgort: Vote for Ansel Elgort

Ashton Irwin: Vote for Ashton Irwin

Brad Simpson: Vote for Brad Simpson

Brendon Urie: Vote for Brendon Urie

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Calum Hood: Vote for Calum Hood

Caspar Lee: Vote for Caspar Lee

Connor Franta: Vote for Connor Franta

Dan Howell: Vote for Dan Howell

Danny Jones: Vote for Danny Jones

Dave Franco: Vote for Dave Franco

Dougie Poynter: Vote for Dougie Poynter

Douglas Booth: Vote for Douglas Booth

Ed Sheeran: Vote for Ed Sheeran

George Shelley: Vote for George Shelley

Harry Judd: Vote for Harry Judd

Harry Styles: Vote for Harry Styles

Ian Somerhalder: Vote for Ian Somerhalder

James McVey: Vote for James McVey

Jamie Campbell Bower: Vote for Jamie Campbell Bower

Jay McGuiness: Vote for Jay McGuiness

Jaymi Hensley: Vote for Jaymi Hensley

Jedward: Vote for Jedward

JJ Hamblett: Vote for JJ Hamblett

Josh Cuthbert: Vote for Josh Cuthbert

Josh Devine: Vote for Josh Devine

Josh Hutcherson: Vote for Josh Hutcherson

Justin Bieber:Vote for Justin Bieber

Kellin Quinn: Vote for Kellin Quinn

Liam Hemsworth: Vote for Liam Hemsworth

Liam Payne: Vote for Liam Payne

Louis Tomlinson: Vote for Louis Tomlinson

Luke Friend: Vote for Luke Friend

Luke Hemmings: Vote for Luke Hemmings

Marcus Butler: Vote for Marcus Butler

Michael Clifford: Vote for Michael Clifford

Nathan Sykes: Vote for Nathan Sykes

Niall Horan: Vote for Niall Horan

Patrick Stump: Vote for Patrick Stump

Phil Lester: Vote for Phil Lester

Sam Callahan: Vote for Sam Callahan

Sam Claflin: Vote for Sam Claflin

Jack & Finn Harries: Vote for The Harries twins

Theo James: Vote for Theo James

Tom Felton: Vote for Tom Felton

Tom Fletcher: Vote for Tom Fletcher

Troye Sivan: Vote for Troye Sivan

Tyler Oakley: Vote for Tyler Oakley

Zack Merrick: Vote for Zack Merrick

Zayn Malik: Vote for Zayn Malik


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