LADvent Calendar Day 12: YouTuber Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog

So chocolate is l way overrated (go with us on this one). Everyone knows that a REAL advent calendar contains actual human beings and fit ones at that. So with that in mind why don't we all put down the chocolate and take more than a minute to drool over Mr Day 12 on our LADvent calendar, Alfie Deyes.

Zoe Sugg Alfie Deyes

So since the birth of Youtube back in 2005, our lives and sleeping patterns have never been the same. Who needs a life when you can spend the WHOLE day (and night) in your onesie watching video after video? Plus it doesn't help when Alfie goes posting videos with the likes of Ariana Grande doing his make up.

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Oh Alfie, you make our ovaries feel like they've been dipped into a pool of hot oil and shot into a billion pieces but boy it feels good. Ahem.

Alfie Deyes

Not even a bit of slap is gonna stop us loving him (or his awesome girlfriend Zoella), but we suggest he goes a bit easy on the foundation because we don't want him upstaging us.



What do you think of our day 12 fittie?

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