When we interviewed the One Direction boys earlier this week we managed to uncover their third single 'One Thing' so, naturally, we wanted to know exactly what percentage of the new video they'll be topless.

Harry Styles delighted us by sayng, "We're going to ride horses naked on the beach..."

However, he was lying.

In fact, One Direction lashed out at our topless suggestion. It was cruel.

Zayn Malik laid down the law (it was very sexy): "There's never going to be any vanity topless shots from One Direction... not until we're ripped and we all look like Taylor Lautner."

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Louis added, "Even then we won't."

We tried to argue with them but they just weren't listening. Have a watch:

Sorry guys. We'll continue to fight for the cause.

Wish One Direction would display some toplessness in the new vid - in a 'fun' not 'vain' way? Or like them leaving it to your imagination? Comments below please!

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What do you think?