When we caught up with the JLS boys last week, we had a niggling question about some of the lyrics from their new album Evolution.

One of the verses from 'Have Your Way' (listen below) says "Girl you got goods like a corner store." Now, we don't know about the corner stores near you, but the ones around our neck of the woods tend to sell some gone-off ice cream, various vacuum packed meats from Poland, and individual foreign beers that look a bit suspect.

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We posed this dilemma to the boys, who were quick to explain the true meaning behind all this corner shop malarkey, and only too keen to read the "sexy" lyrics along the same not-so-sexy-actually theme. In a sexy voice. Looking down the camera lens. Giving us heart palpatations.


That. Was. Intense.

Sterling effort with the sunglasses from Oritse – excellent prop usage. Aston's hand actions were the perfect compliment to JB's own inclusion of a dramatic pause before he said "willy" (because he's a true artist, yeah) and Marvin… *faints *

What do you think?