The Best Instagram Filter for Your Zodiac Sign

Your perfect filter is waiting for you.

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If you're anything like us, you probably usually use your horoscope to shed light on the bigger, pressing issues in your life... like when you're gonna meet Harry Styles irl? But picking the right filter can feel pretty major sometimes too, so we partnered with astrologist Kim Allen to figure out the ultimate Insta filter for your sign.


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Aries are super courageous and impulsive, which means you tend to rush headfirst into things. With its brightened centre and vignette, X Pro II gives the illusion of having tunnel vision — something you definitely have when it comes to going after what you want.


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You want an Insta filter that makes you look as fab as possible without making you stick out like a sore thumb. Stick with the tried and true Valencia. Its slightly faded feel makes your skin look fresh and glowy, without looking too done. It's the perfect no-filter filter to accentuate how gorge you already are, babes.


Geminis are eager to soak in as many experiences and connect with as many new people as possible, which means they're always on the go. Since blue is a communication colour, Nashville's bluish hue perfectly mirrors your personality. It also has hints of lush green, like you're in a plane, jet-setting over green fields on your way to your next destination.


There's no one more loyal and protective than a cancer. Since you're constantly seeking comfort and security, your family and friends are the most important thing to you. The Earlybird filter gives your photos a desaturated, sepia tinted look — which in a way, represents your love for your home, your family, and their long-held traditions. CUTE.


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Leos are generous givers who also love to be the centre of attention. Lark brightens and intensifies all the colours in your pic, making you pop and glow, which is why it's the perf filter for you.


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When it comes to dealing with life's curveballs, you're super practical. Virgos pretty much see things in black and white and there's no middle ground. Your friends come to you to give it to them straight (and avoid you when they're not ready to face the music). Inkwell's high contrast, black and white look definitely represents your no-fuss, straight-shooting personality perfectly.


As a Libra, you're constantly striving for balance and harmony in all areas of your life, and you're willing to fight for it. If your friends or your siblings are having it out with one another, you'll be the first to jump in to try and help settle things. You're just a natural-born peacemaker. Brennan's soft, glow-y blur and dark shadows is perfect for you.


As a Scorpio, you're a dedicated and steadfast friend that can be trusted with absolutely anything, which is why your bezzos open up to you. But you're an extremely private person and like to be in control, so it can be hard for you to open up about yourself. Charmes' super dark shadows represent your private nature, but it also has bright highlights that symbolize your warm, loving side when you do decide to let someone in.


Sagittarius girls are free spirits. You can't sit still since you get bored easily with routine, so you're always on the lookout for the next best thing. Since the sun rises in the east and sets on the west, it's rays are constantly on the move and shining on different things. Toaster's warm centre represents a ray of light — just like you.


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As a Capricorn, you have an unmatched sense of purpose when it comes to achieving your dreams. Moon's high contrast, black and white look perfectly represents that you're both a dreamer and an ambitious go-getter.


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You're a natural-born trendsetter. You never want to be basic, which means you're not one to settle for the first filter that looks *okay*, like the first few filters in Insta's tray that everyone constantly uses (like the Clarendons, Ginghams, and Moons). You want a filter that makes your picture pop in every way, which is why Brooklyn is perf for you. It highlights all the colours in your photo so you pop vibrantly, like a spotlight is shining directly down on you.


Pisces girls are super artsy and imaginative, so you love any filter that takes you to an entirely different world. Kelvin is definitely your go-to filter. Even thought it makes you look orange-y and over-saturated, you like its artsy, retro feel.

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