We all need to stop hugging our dogs right now

No, really

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Look this may be hard to hear but we've all got to stop hugging our dogs, apparently. Why? Because new research suggests that they hate it and it makes them sad. 

Ouch :( 

A recent study published by Psychology Today examined the facial expressions and body language of dogs with their humans, and discovered that 82 percent of canines display signs of increased anxiety when hugged: flattened ears, heads turned, and whites of the eyes showing. 

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It concluded that the dogs, even if they allowed the hug, were still distressed, because they don't show or receive affection in the same way as humans. E.g: being squeezed real tight is not a sign of love for them. It's a 'WHY ARE YOU SQUEEZING ME' type thing. 

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Dogs hate hugs because their response to dangerous situations they want to avoid is to run the hell away as fast as they can. When you hug them, they can't do this, and they're aware that if a danger was to occur, they would not be able to run. 

So basically they feel as though you're pinning them in place while something horrible may or may not be approaching? Oh. 

We'll stick to pats and belly rubs from now on, then. 


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