18 problems you'll face if you've got a thing for red heads

1. There are not enough of them to go around

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1. Battling the injustice of real red heads being an extremely rare breed.

As if it wasn't hard enough to find someone you fancy in this world, you've managed to choose the RAREST type of human to have a thing for. Well done.

2. Living in DIRECT competition with anyone else who fancies ginger guys and gals.

Red heads make up just 0.5% of the world's population - but a lot of people reckon they're gorgeous. There is not enough to go around. Dating is basically The Hunger Games for you, so may the odds be ever in your favour.

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3.They're the human version of a unicorn walking amongst a sea of blonde and brunette.

So when you spot one, you just HAVE to admire their beauty, and when one FINALLY pops up on a dating app, it's like you've been blessed by the angels.

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4. Also having to deal with a major, inexplicable thing for freckles.

Freckly noses, freckly shoulders, freckly arms. Aaaaaall the freckles please, and don't even get us started on the wonder that is a ginger beard.

5. Your friends always assuming that you'll fancy literally ANYONE who's ginger.

"What about him?" "HE'S LIKE 60 AND IS EATING PICKLED EGGS." "But, he's ginger. You love gingers?"

6. Automatically having your eyes drawn to red hair whenever you're out and about.

You literally can't help it, and it's a genuine problem. Ooooh, you spot a blazing blur of red before you. Is he the ginger man of your dreams? Better have a little perve, just in case.


7. Attempting to work out if you fancy someone because they're good looking, or JUST because they're ginger.

We may never know, it's very confusing.

8. Realising that dyed ginger hair just isn't quite the same.

Yeaaaahh they'll definitely still look hot af and we'll probably/certainly fancy them, but they don't come with the wonderful package deal of ginger eyebrows, the freckles or the lovely pale skin soooo...

9. Accepting that no one will ever quite live up to the Weasley dream.

Because, let's be honest, that's definitely where this whole thing started. Cheers, JK.

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10. But also trying to decide which Weasley you would get married to if you were in the wizarding world.

Probably Charlie though because he's ginger and also works with dragons.

11. Forever complaining that there's hardly any celebrities or models are ginger.

WHY IS THAT? It's called the red carpet ffs so you'd think that Hollywood would be more accommodating for our celebrity crush needs. We demand more red hair for the red carpet.

12. But imagining how fit various celebs/models would be if they WERE ginger.

Niall Horan as a red head is something that we need to see one day. Same goes for Gigi Hadid as a ginger, and ginger Jake Gyllenhaal is also worth a shout out (sidenote: this Instagram account will be your new fave).

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Jake Gyllenrang #putarangonit #jakegyllenhaal

A photo posted by Put A Rang On It (@putarangonit) on

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13. Having to co-ordinate your clothes and makeup properly if you land a ginger date.

Bright pink probably isn't ideal on this occasion. And orange is a bit of a no-go, too if you want to play by the rules.

14. Crying because Kiss A Ginger Day is a real thing but no one ever celebrates it.

OH THE INJUSTICE. January 12th, we'll remember you next year and we will kiss anyone who we come across with the right follicles. As long as they're okay with it.

15. But they're aaaall over Kick A Ginger Day. What's all that about?

*gathers body armour and also sexy nurses outfit to protect all gingers and then snog them better*


16. You probably wouldn't normally fancy Ed Sheeran, and yet here we are.

Possibly something to do with his angelic vocals, lovely face and musical gifts. Or possibly the hair.

17. Prince Harry. Eddie Redmayne. Damien Lewis. Rupert Grint. They are all a very real problem for you.

Ugh god why are they so glorious and gingery. And who cares if their names are constantly shouted at you by strangers whenever you head out and about with your signficant ginger other. Living the ginger lover's dream.

18. And don't even get us started on Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, Lindsay Lohan and Christina Hendricks.

The ultimate ginger babes. Hubba hubba.


RED HEADS FOREVER. Relate to these on a spiritual level? Let us know with a tweet to @Sugarscape.


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