Phone separation anxiety's officially a thing

Here's how to tell if you're actually addicted

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It sort of goes without saying that we spend a *lot* of time on our phones. Whether WhatsApp group chat's lit, we're refreshing Instagram to see if one of our many crushes has liked something (ANYTHING) or trawling through our Twitter timeline, we're probably about 87% less productive with battery and decent wi-fi.

And we're not alone, apparently; 'cos according to a recent survey of 2000 Brits by Innocent drinks 23% of us feel that oh-so-familiar pang of anxiety when we're separated from our phones. Yup - phone separation anxiety is officially a thing, and there are a few signs to spot whether or not you're an addict yourself.

Luke Hemmings
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Chatting to ASOS David Brudö, co-founder and CEO at mental wellbeing and personal development app Remente, explained: "The most obvious signs are when you feel that you must bring your phone with you everywhere you go and that you have to keep checking it. If you feel that you are losing control, ask yourself questions like: if you don't have the phone with you, do you feel unconformable and annoyed? If you are out of battery or data, would that scare you?

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"Also, look out for when your phone usage has a negative impact on your conversations and relationships."

So what's the deal with Innocent's research claiming 80% of 18-to-24-year-olds feel anxious about not replying to messages quickly enough, then? "We rely so heavily on our mobile phones in day-to-day life," said Nicky Lidbetter. "Unsurprisingly, many people now view their phone as a source of support and reassurance."

We've literally checked our phone twice while writing this already so, um, yeah.


And how can we get over this problem with phone separation anxiety, eh? "Susan Diane Smith told ASOS: "Recognise that it is now in control of you rather than the other way around.

"Exercise discipline with regards to where and when you check your phone. Start by leaving it behind when you go to the loo, and never check your phone during the night when you ought to be sleeping."

So there you go.

What d'ya make of that, then? Reckon you're actually addicted to your phone? Tweet us over @sugarscape and like us on Facebook after this vid, please. TA.


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