Smart tampons are now a flow-tracking reality with bluetooth

This gizmo knows EXACTLY when you need to change

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Anyone who experiences periods knows that it can be an absolute nightmare ensuring there are no leakages anywhere; and, because it can be quite hard to tell when you need to head off the loo to change a tampon, a new gizmo has been created to take the guesswork out of it.

The people behind the new invention over at my.flow know exactly how uncomfortable and annoying it can be always erring on the side of caution and changing a tampon too early; so, their design, which involves an extra long tampon string connected to a bluetooth monitor stored in your pants or pocket is definitely an interesting one.

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The science behind the technology is that the string inside the tampon is long enough to extend to a sensor kept on your waistband. The information gathered from the sensor is then accessible from an App, which will tell you how full your tampon is - and, from there, when is a good idea to change. 

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So, wondering what this product will set you back by? Well, the product isn't due to be launched until sometime in 2017, but the sensor itself is estimated to cost $50 (around £33) on its own, with the actual tampons then retailing about a dollar over standard-priced products. 

Watch the team behind the design chatting about the product right here:


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