9 Facebook hacks you never knew existed

There's a whole world of possibilities out there

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Even if you spend a lot of your free time on Facebook, there's a good chance you're not completely up-to-date on all the possibilities the platform has to offer.

So, in consideration of the fact that not EVERYBODY out there is an expert on the secret shortcuts and hidden features embedded in the social media site, here are nine tips on how to make your Facebook experience a better one.

1. Send Birthday Videos

If you want to send a pal something a bit more special than an abrupt 'happy birthday' message, you can choose between one of the six birthday-themed background filters Facebook has to offer, and send them a cute 15-second video instead.

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Just go to their Facebook page on their birthday, and proceed to write a post like you usually do. You'll then see a blue bar pop up that says "Record a birthday video". Press it, and knock yourself out. 

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2. Save Articles

You know when you see a really interesting article but you're just about to run for the bus and don't have time to read the damn thing? Well, Facebook have added a feature that means you can store the article for later instead. Just click the downward arrow on a post and press 'Save For Later'. 

To read it, go to your Favourites tab at the top of the screen and then click on 'Saved'. But if you're using the App, you'll have to press 'More' at the bottom right, and then 'Saved'. Voila.

3. Play Chess

Ever get bored of typing words, and just want to play a bit of chess instead? Well, YOUR DREAM IS NOW A REALITY. Just type the word 'fbchess' in a thread on Messenger and a chessboard will pop up enabling you to checkmate your pals.

4. Shoot Some Hoops

Want to play basketball, but too lazy to get off your laptop/put your phone down? That's just fine. Instead, send your pal an emoji of a basketball - CLICK the basketball, and your very interactive games pops up on screen. Ideal.

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5. Change Your News Feed Preferences

Want posts from your favourite band/person to be prioritised at the top of your News Feed? Easy. Click the drop down arrow on desktop and head to News Feed Preferences. From there, you can select the users whose posts you are most interested in.

If you're on your phone, click More, then Settings, and select News Feed Preferences from there. Perfect.

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6. Play Fooball

Facebook users were so pleased with the basketball game, the site now caters for football fans too. Just send a football emoji to your friend, click on it, and get playing.

7. Log Out Remotely

Borrowed your friends computer to sign into your account, but to forgot to log back out again? No fear. You can ruin their fun (and save your profile) by logging out remotely. Click Settings, Security, and press Where You're Logged In. Find the place you don't want to be logged in and click End Activity.

8. Pay for Drinks/Request Money

 Always losing track of your payments or still waiting for a pal to pick up the tab? No worries. This handy little feature means you can send money back and forth on the app. Just add your card details to your phone's Settings and Facebook and you're ready to send Requests/Payments to your friends.

9. Search For Recipes

Utilise the updates on Facebook's search tool by typing in anything you want for dinner. You should then notice a bunch of recipes that pop up from your friends. Even better, popular articles and top posts from restaurants will also chime in with some ideas for you to use.


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