12 signs your friends are terrible people

1. They tease you about your insecurities

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It's normal to get annoyed with your pals from time to time, but if you find your mood is constantly being brought down by a so-called friend, it might be time to start wondering if they should even be in your life. 

So, without further explanation, here are twelve very clear signs that your friendship is toxic, and that you'd be better off finding literally any other person on the planet to be mates with. 

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1. They tease you about your insecurities.

Taking the things that you're most insecure about and using them against you? Not cool.

2. They tell other people your secrets.

And then make out like it's no big deal, and that you should stop being so dramatic.

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3. They think it's funny to embarrass you in front of others.

Nothing on this Earth makes them happier than cracking a joke at your expense.

4. Your parents really, really, REALLY don't like them.

As a rule, Mums and Dads are a pretty perceptive bunch.

5. They're always weirdly bitter over your achievements.

And will say/do almost anything to bring you down.

6. They're hot and cold.

Sometimes you're their absolute favourite, sometimes you're left in the dark.


7. They never apologise, even when they're in the wrong.

They'll just carry on as if their mistake never happened.

8. They cancel on you last-minute.

Even if they KNEW they couldn't make it to the cinema 5 whole hours ago.

9. They always 'forget' to pay you back.

And then say they'll give it to you another day. And another day. And another...

10. They seem to deliberately spoil things for you.

And worse, they take some kind of odd joy from it. 


11. You don't trust them around your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Flirting, stirring up trouble, and talking about your ex. The deadly 3. 

12. And finally, they're rude about people/things/hobbies you care about.

Which indicates they don't value your thoughts, opinions, or feelings.

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