11 things you'll only understand if you grew up shy

Teachers that randomly call on you are THE DEVIL

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If you sacrifice all dreams of an A grade as soon as you hear that 10% of your grade is calculated from a group presentation, you'll know what it's like to grow up seriously shy.

From being an absolute calamity around your crush to avoiding the doctors so much you'd rather die than talk about your health issues, these are eleven things you'll understand if you really, really hate being the centre of attention.

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1. You actively dread reading out loud in class.

Rehearsing that one para you have to speak out loud at the end of the chapter actually distracts you from anything else going on in class. 

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2. You've experienced sleepless nights over group presentations.

Either you've hotted up on your written content to drag your grade up, or you've just accepted your average score will drop when the group result comes through. Either way, you'll spend at least 4 days bricking it before its over.

3. You're a firm believer in doing everything online.

From scheduling in hair appointments, to booking taxis, to ordering pizza, if there's an option to eliminate human contact, you're all for it.


4. Your eye-contact is generally shit.

You have to physically drag your gaze away from the floor, the posters on the walls, and the areas around someone's head before you eventually meet their eyes.

5. You'd rather forfeit any award you've won rather than collect it during assembly.

Um, who needs a 100% attendance certificate anyway? 


6. You are devastatingly useless around your crush.

Either you say the wrong thing, or you don't say anything at all. Either is a disaster.

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7. You're constantly paranoid you'll develop hiccoughs during class.


8. You still beg your parents to make your doctors appointments.

That's if you bother making them at all. Which you probably don't.

9. Your teachers think you're stupid because you never raise your hand.

The number of times your school report has requested you participate in class more is unreal.

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10. You wish you could harness 10% of your online personality for real life.

You're just way cooler, funnier, and better when you're not speaking to someone face-to-face.

11. And finally, you can't concentrate in any class where the teacher might randomly call on you.

Which definitely isn't the intention, we're sure.

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