This man's job is to walk around the Olympics with a bag of condoms

He gets paid to do it. No, not *it*. OH, you know what we mean.

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The athletes scooping up gold, silver and bronze medals for their amazing feats at the 2016 Olympic Games over in Rio might (understandably) be getting most of the spotlight right now, but can we all just take a moment for Eric?

Seriously, this guy deserves ALL the awards because he is being employed by the Olympic Games just to wander around distributing condoms from a great big sack of them.

Still need convincing he's deserving of a gold of his own?

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This is Eric and here he is having a nice time with his sack full of condoms.

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Whadda guy.

Now, each athlete at this year's games was given 42 condoms to last them the two weeks that it lasts. So basically the Olympic Association is expecting a lot of sex to be happening and they would quite like it to be safe sex, which is a pretty responsible move.

While it's unclear whether Eric's bag of condoms is part of the total 450,000 distributed among the athletes or extras on top, he still has to wander about giving them out.

Journalist Rodger Sherman is the one who snapped this pic of Eric going about his work and he was so busy distributing condoms that he couldn't even make time for an interview.

Four for you Eric, YOU GO ERIC.

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