Got period pain? This is the best sleeping position to ease menstrual cramps

​Struggling during your time of the month? Try lying in bed like this..

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Girls of this world (yep, we're talking to *all* of you) listen up, because the best position to sleep in to ease your period pain has been revealed.

Right ladies, there's no two ways about it: getting your period once a month sucks. You get spots, your hormonal balance changes and you want to eat everything (although tbf we want to do that all the time anyway).

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If you suffer from horrific menstrual cramps around that time of the month too, the whole thing is made even worse - which might be why you'll wanna know the best sleeping position for easing your pain.

According to gynaecologist Dr Lisa Lindley, who spoke to Glamour: " Sleeping in the fetal position takes pressure off the abdominal muscles", as well as allowing for less leakages due to your legs being together.

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While sleeping on your front is the worst position to choose, because this puts pressure on your ab muscles causing more blood to come out at a time than necessary. Sounds pretty gross, right?

So the moral of this story? If you want a better night's sleep during your time of the month,  your best bet is to try and sleep on your side.


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