10 of the best apps for uni students

ATM Hunter will be your new best friend

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If you've headed off to the uni for the very first time, or if you're feeling old af in the third year of your studies, you'll know that a decent app related to your studies/student life is worth it's weight in gold.

So, because we're all about helping you make the transition from fresher to young adult in control of (and responsible for) your own life, we've rounded up a bunch of apps that are crucial to your survival.

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Huggle lets you discover and connect with people who go to the places you go. Huggle works by automatically picking up your locations and then adds them to your list of places. 

You can pick and choose which places you want in your list and once done you can click on a place and discover who else goes there too and how many places you have in common with these people. Nice.

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Circle allows users to make and receive payments via iMessage. Basically, it's the perfect app for helping you pay off your portion of the dominos order, because being tight isn't gonna make you any friends.


This service lets you outsource your laundry with a door-to-door service, and the prices aren't usually too bad either. Not that you'll be bothered about your general appearance within about two weeks.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) 

This app is the best and worst thing you will ever download. It only lets you turn an alarm off if you complete a bunch of annoying tasks first, like shaking your phone, or taking a picture of a toilet.


This might be pretty basic, but if you're new to a big city this App will be your lifesaver. It can route out the fastest way for you to get anywhere, and is absolutely essential to your day-to-day life.

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The worst part of being a student is learning how to reference. This App takes all the guesswork out of the task - all you have to do is scan book or journal codes on your phone, and a citation will be generated for you.

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Drunk Mode

This App means you can block your ex for up to twelve hours before you go out - and you can only unblock them if you're sober enough to answer a bunch of maths questions. Smart.


This App knows how crap it is having a thousand awful pictures of yourself online. With Sobrr, any pictures or comments you post on a night out will self-destruct within 24 hours. Total stroke of genius.


This might sound boring compared to Sobrr, but it's a good idea to dazzle your Seminar Leader with your excellent vocabulary. Get that 10% participation score up now, people.

Find My iPhone/Find My Android

This is absolutely crucial for anyone who has a bit of a bad habit when it comes to losing things. In other words, this is the only chance your iPhone has of surviving Freshers Week.

ATM Hunter

THE ABSOLUTE MECCA OF STUDENT LIFE. This App will use your location to tell you all the closest ATMs in your general vicinity. 

Oh, and it should help you avoid all those massive queues on central campus. Genius.

Get downloading.

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