14 Tumblr text posts that sum up why Autumn is so great

Ft. pumpkin spice lattes

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If you still haven't got the memo that Autumn is the best season of the year, the following Tumblr posts will quite literally have you pining for bitter cold winds and snuggling up with your cat by a fire.

1. This post of a ginger cat clutching a fallen leaf in its paws AKA THE CUTEST PICTURE OF ALL TIME.

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2. This post about the fact that Autumn is clearly just a codeword for Halloween.

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3. This post about stealing your S.Os jumper, because that's why you're dating them.

4. This post about the absolute fools who don't see the beauty of Autumn.

5. This post about being the one person around who is ready for Halloween.

6. This post about getting emotional about the prospect of lovely chillier nights.

7. This post about making Summer kiss your ass.

8. This post about loving pumpkin spice latte no matter what anyone thinks of you.

9. This post that required BOLD LETTERS because it was just that intense.

10. This post about looking out at the trees at feeling at peace with the world.

11. This post about wasted love and - worse - wasted marshmallows.

12. This emotional post about F. Scott Fitzgerald, which is the obligatory Autumn quote.

13. This long, descriptive account of Autumn that makes us feel warm inside.

14. This post about reading Stephen King novels under a blanket as the wind rages outside.

All in all, what a time to be alive.

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