10 signs the person you fancy clearly isn't into you

Are they playing it cool, or are they just not interested?

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Probably the crappest feeling in the world is caring about someone who couldn't give a rats arse about you. But, even though we all think we'd be able to spot when we're being played by someone, it can be easy to get sucked into the illusion they're plugging.

So, in an effort to help you guys realise the difference between someone playing it cool vs someone who just isn't interested in you, here are the ten signs that the person you fancy doesn't share the same feelings for you.

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1. They barely talk to you.

Even when they're given the chance to chat with you, they don't seem particularly excited to be in your company. Worse, there are times when you're pretty sure they'd rather be anywhere else on the entire planet.

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2. They forget about times you've hung out together.

When you do chat about events you've both been to with mutual friends, they don't even remember if you were with the gang or not. Yes, I was there. Yes, we had a 10 minute discussion. Awkward.

3. They talk about other girls in front of you.

Not in a way that would suggest they're trying to make you jealous, but in a way that seems like they're probing *your* brain to help them work out some other girls thought process. 

Oh, and if they tell you who they secretly fancy and it *isn't* you, then you're doomed.


4. They take forever to text back.

We're not suggesting anyone who texts you back two minutes late isn't into you, but if they're taking hours to reply, or if they're only answering in short, abrupt messages, then it's not a great sign.

5. They're hot and cold.

They seem to enjoy flirting with you when they get bored and have nothing better to do, but at other times they're totally uninterested in you. Talk about mixed messages.


6. They're always making excuses.

If you do agree to hang out together, they've been known to cancel on you last-minute to take up a better offer. 

7. They're too smooth around you.

If you really like someone, you're bound to be a little nervous around them. If the person you like is so cool around you they could hold a cube of ice and it wouldn't melt, then maybe they're not that into you after all.

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8. They don't remember anything you tell them.

This links back to them not remembering you were at the same social event together. If they don't even remember a topic of discussion you were having less than a day ago, then that's not a great indication of how much they think about you.

9. Their priority is always something or someone else.

If you text them at the same time their best pal texts them,  you're the one who's shunted into second place as they have a in-depth discussion with their main man.

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10. They're never interested in your achievements/problems.

When the person you're interested in couldn't really care less about what makes you happy, or what gets you down, then that's the clearest sign of all that they're not the one for you.

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