We love Veronica Roth's Divergent series - but who do you want to see playing Tris and Four?

Having finished off The Hunger Games and read Twilight at least a zillion times, we've been looking out for another series to sink our teeth into. We might just have found a winner though, and can't stop obsessing over dark and twisted world of the Divergent series. Bearing in mind the movie rights have already been snapped up, we thought it was only right that we had a little think about which actors we'd like to see playing stormy heroine Tris and most importantly, her dark and mysterious mentor Four.

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We are very protective when it comes to seeing our favourite characters translated from the pages of the book onto the big screen, and after several rather heated arguements in the office, we narrowed down the actresses we'd like to see playing Tris to our Top 3.

Dakota fanning to play tris in the divergent series movie

Being a bit of a kick-ass character, we think Dakota Fanning would make a great choice to play Tris, but maybe after seeing her as Jane in Twilight, she's a little bit too scary to play the heroine.

Selena gomez to play tris in the divergent series movies?

With her dark hair, Selena Gomez doesn't look exactly how we imagine Tris to be, but maybe she'd still make a good choice. Thrown into the brutal faction of Dauntless, there would be a lot of physical fighting to act and we're not sure if we can imagine Selena walking around with a bloodied up face.

chloe Moretz to play tris in the divergent series movie

Last but not least, we're big fans of Chloe Moretz and would love to see her star in something like this. She's the right age for how we imagine Tris and we're pretty sure she's get her intuitive, tom-boy character down too.

But who do you think would be best to play Tris?

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