Yes, we know it's all made up.

If there's one thing we know about Directioners, it's that they're creative. But forget flashmobs and hiding in bins as One Direction fans are never more creative than when it comes to writing an elaborate and often fairly filthy fan fiction starring the lads. Seriously, in one we had a read of, Maura Horan's character actually kidnapped a girl for dating Niall.


Harry Styles invest in skull and Jesus art from taxidermist at Polly Mackey private view - PICS

But that's a whole other story. In the mean time, if there's one thing we've noticed from reading all this, it's that we seem to have missed a few things about Harry Styles. Important things like that his greatest desires involve both biting people and dressing up as Robert Pattinson.

Who knew fictional 'facts' could be so fun?

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