Why isn't he our boyfriend?

As heros go, there's no denying that the The Hunger Games hottie Peeta Mellark is a bit of a dreamboat and with Josh Hutcherson playing him in the movie adaptations of the series, it really doesn't get much better. But as well as knowing his way around a cake shop and being able to paint himself to look like your dad's herbaceous border, he's pretty devoted to Katniss and with the new Catching Fire trailer debuting this weekend, we thought it was about time we celebrated with a tribute to his fittest quotes from the second book in the series.

You know, the ones that simultaneously make our hearts melt and feel a bit grumpy that our boyfriend's only idea of a compliment is to say our hair looks cleaner than usual. So grab a cuppa and prepare to swoon your way into a puddle of melted jelly, because there are some good 'uns in there...

Hunger Games: Catcing Fire full length trailer premieres at Comic Con watch

1. On the whole Gael situation: "I was jealous of him before I even officially met you"


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