This is the girl who once called 5SOS 'One Direction'. Life, everybody.

So you know that saying 'you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family'? Well it absolutely BLOODY SUCKS. We don't think we'll ever get over the fact we weren't born into the Kardashian/Jenner clan, to be quite honest; partularly when Kendall Jenner's had a peek of Harry Styles' gearstick in the Range Rover and is now supposedly seeing Ashton Irwin. How is this fair? It just isn't.

And now - to add mure fuel to those dating rumours after yesterday's taxi gate - Kendall's chucked a selfie on the interweb with her pal Hailey Baldwin and 5 Seconds of Summer's Ash and Calum Hood. Oh it's alright, don't mind us just hanging out with the cat. It's cool. Whatever.

Yup - as Twitter goes into legitimate meltdown, Kendall's all 'oh yeah I'm just chillin' with Cal-Pal and co. as we charge our phones to be forever Insta-ready y'know just all casual oh also has anyone seen my Teen Vogue shoot and do you all reallise I am literally loving the dream here oh by the way let me take a selfie.' Not jealous.

Also, can we just point out that this is the girl who called 5SOS 'One Direction' a few months back. DO YOU REALISE HOW DEDICATED WE ARE TO THE CAUSE IN COMPARISON YET ARE STILL SAT HERE FOREVER ALONE?

What d'ya think, then? Is there anything going on with #Kashton or is it all a load of BS? Comments, please and a-thank you.

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