When Sugar met Ashley Tisdale for our exclusive cover shoot we played word tennis with the HSM star...

When Sugar styled Ashley Tisdale as an 80's disco diva she loved the shots so much she snapped the on-screen versions on her Blackberry to send to her Mum!

The day's shoot was hectic but Sugar's Kate managed to play a pretty revealing game of word tennis with the HSM star.

Ever wondered what Ashley's instant reaction to Zac, Miley and the Jonas is?

Check it out here!

Sugar says: Summer, Ashley says: “My birthday”

Sugar says: Zac, Ashley says: “My brother”

Sugar says: Love, Ashley says: “The best feeling ever”

Sugar says: Miley, Ashley says: “My little sister”

Sugar says: Karaoke, Ashley says: “Grease”

Sugar says: Blog, Ashley says: “Perez Hilton”

Sugar says: Shoes, Ashley says: “Christian Laboutins”

Sugar says: Pickle, Ashley says: “I love them”

Sugar says: Jonas, Ashley says: “My homeboys”

Get your hands on the July issue of Sugar (out May 27) to see the whole Ashley shoot!