It's not even been a week since she and Liam Hemsworth called it quits and Miley Cyrus is all smiles, all the time.



Miley does seem to be showing Liam what he's missing here with those skimpy short shorts on. What do you think of her shoes? Cool and laid back? Or kind of annoying and flappy? We're loving her bag, but reckon she might have had to do a bit of eyelash fluttering to be allowed to take something that gigantic on as hand luggage. Anyway, click on for more Miley happy-snaps.. 



Here she is leaving her New York hotel after a quick outfit change, still looking all smiley-Miley. LOVING the checked shirt. Maybe she stole it from Liam and won't let him have it back? Maybe it's from a new secret boyfriend! Maybe we're getting a bit too excited about all of this...what do you reckon?