Ellie Goulding might be coming to a street near you...

We've all felt the recession pinch. We've had to find cheaper haircuts, make our own lunch, at a push take an extra job on the weekends. We've not been driven to the streets YET though, unlike poor, little Ellie Goulding.

If you walked down Trafalgar Square yesterday you might have spotted her busking on the streets, wearing a woolly hat, drinking free cups of tea and hanging out with a homeless guy named Pigeon Bill. Probably.

Ok, so she's not really homeless or poor. In fact, she probably owns a house full of money. She was busking on the streets with her guitar to celebrate the 20th birthday of The Big Issue magazine which is really cool. Good on you Ellie.

With a cute lacey top, a barber (blatantly borrowed from Pigeon Bill) and a woolly hat she's totally working homeless-chic. We're not sure if that's a compliment. You decide.

Check her out performing, 'Your Song':

Click next for some more pictures of Ellie's performance, we must say she has an impressive talent for pulling weird faces... we've imagined what she must be thinking...