Have your tissues at the ready, here is the story of Frankie Sandford and Dougie Poynter...

Frankie Sandford and Dougie Poynter - you two just tire us out. We've just finished compiling a complete timeline of their relationship and wow, it's intense, with more ups and downs, twists and turns than Lindsey Lohan's career. We've loved them, laughed with them, experienced their heart ache, felt mildly hopeful when they broke up (even though we didn't want them to but, hey, Dougie was single). Now we are full of sorrow because the ending well... it's a tragedy people.

So here it begins, the tale of woe:

The two reportedly first got together in 08 (a looooong time ago!). Although Dougie had a crush on Frankie (like every other boy in the UK) back in 2004. He admitted to having posters of her on his wall and said she was his "ideal woman". Awww Dougster.


This was one of their first official outings as a couple in March of 09. They were papped leaving the birthday party of Frankie's band mate Rochelle Wiseman.

The two were said to be smitten with each other. Frankie gushed to all the papers how hot her boyfriend was. We'd totally do them same. In fact, we'd probably wear a t-shirt at all times saying, "My bf is hot (and in Mcfly)".

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