Chemistry is easy when you're so darn good looking

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess were out showing off their gorgeous selves at the One Day premiere last night. The film, adapated by David Nicholls from his novel, tracks the lives of two best friends over 20 years as they almost... but don't... but kind of... nearly get together. But how did Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess prepare their chemistry for the role?

Apparently, it just came naturally despite Anne's attempt at chemistry exercises...

Jim Sturgess told us, "I was just so lucky me and Anne got on so well... we developed a friendship of our own".

While Anne joked, "I came in with a list of chemistry exercises but quickly realised you [Jim] were too cool for that".

Jim added, "We were stuck in a makeup chair so we played each other a lot of music and just hung out."

We reckon we could naturally cultivate chemistry with Jim Sturgess too.

Anne Hathaway wrapped up all the chemistry chat with, "Chemistry is about not feeling subconscious in front of each other, so if you sit down and say here's my bullet point for chemistry, give me yours back, that wouldn't work. We just kind of relaxed."

We get the feeling Anne totally had a bullet point chemistry list.... and had to hide it....

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