How are those mobile phone pics you’ve been taken of yourself working out Ash?

We all know that Ashley Cole is a bit of a fan of the not-so-classy photograph, in fact the shots he’d taken of himself and his Little Ash to send to girls were what led Cheryl Cole to give him the boot last year.

But now they’re back together (or not, we lose track) and Ashley has apparently been having a right old moan about the pictures that Cheryl has had taken for her calendar.

A friend of his told Now mag: “His mates were all taking the mick out of him when they first saw the pictures online.

“At first he ignored the comments, but then they started making jibes about how fit she is and the fact they’d never let their wives do some of those shots. They were making remarks about teenage boys looking at the pictures. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

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