Tom, we’ve missed you. Let’s go looking for belly button crumbs together.

Last year we proudly hailed Tom Fletcher of McFly our favourite celebrity Tweeter.

If we were feeling low Tom was there with his reassuring dad-jokes. When we were looking to have life’s more profound questions answered he’d be there with his sock ponderings; and when we wanted new words he gave us “bloobs”.

But then something happened, Tom’s tweets suddenly became less geeky and turned kind of cool. What was the reason behind the change in tone? Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd’s reality TV wins? Or, as we suspected, did he have a ghost tweeter – someone tweeting on his behalf to make him sound cooler?

Well whatever the phase he went through was we’re happy to say that as of 2012 he’s well and truly out of it and back to the #craptweets that we all know and love.

So let click next to go on a journey so profound that you might come out the other side a different person.