Maybe he can use all that hair to cushion it? Crap joke, sorry.

It’s hard to believe that One Direction isn’t a massive love-in, in fact it’s impossible, but according to Closer magazine, there are is “tension” within the band over who the most popular member is in the US.

Apparently Harry Styles isn’t the most popular member in the America and this isn’t going down too well.

“All the boys are popular, but the girls in the US seem to be absolutely obsessed with Niall,” an insider told the mag.

“They love the fact he’s Irish and looks like the all-American boy. He gets swamped with girls wherever he goes.”

The source continued: “Zayn is a close second – he’s very cheeky and confident which is going down well.

“It’s definitely been a knock to Harry’s ego, as he’s used to being the heart-throb back home. It’s only natural that the boys are competing for attention. It’s causing a bit of tension!”

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