Featuring Miley Cyrus' bun and Perez Hilton hiding Ed Sheeran in his afro..

We don't know about you, but we often wonder what celebs get up to in their day to day lives when they're not snazzed up to the nines wearing glittery eyelashes.

But from a wander around Twitter, it looks like the A-list have been up to all sorts of things this week, including everything from hobnobbing with Olympic atheltes to being consumed by a giant wigs.

One Direction and Ed Sheeran spend the day in the studio, playing real life fruit ninja and apparently recording for a documentary

Starting the week off with a game of fruit ninja, we've already seen One Direction playing with Ed Sheeran's melons, but have a click through and see what The Loveable Rogues, The Wanted, Rochelle and Marvin Humes, JLS, Chris Colfer, Taylor Swift and MORE have been up to.

Plus Tom Daley gets his bendy bottom out, which is always nice.

It's the week in celeb pics - Siva Kaneswaran

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