Says One DIrection bosses aren't to blame. Apparently.

Messages have been doing the rounds online claiming to be posted by Zayn Malik on Kik, a free texting service for smartphones (if they turn out not to be from Zayn, then we'd never heard of Kik before, so brilliant PR stunt).

The messages said to be from Zayn show eplies to fans asking him if he's ok, and accusing One Direction's management of making him deactivate his Twitter account late on Tuesday night.

zayn malik kik messages

As Zayn insists he'll be concentrating on the music, One Direction are believed to be getting ready to announce their new single at 1pm, after drumming up suspense for a mysterious reveal. OOH.

As well as (supposedly) revealing that the accusations of smoking weed and cheating on his girlfriend PErrie Edwards had gotten too much for him, Zayn also responded to a comment claiming management were behind his Twitter abadonement.

zayn malik kik message

This comes after Perrie deleted her Twitter account earlier this year after getting abuse over her relationship with Zayn, leading to all of Little Mix using one joint account.

Reckon One Direction will go that way too? Will Zayn ever come back to Twitter?

Why do triangle sandwiches taste better than rectangle ones?

Some things we may never know.

UPDATE: HE'S BACK - Zayn Malik returns to Twitter

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