Wouldn't wanna make a tit of herself, would she?

Rihanna's never been one to shy away from flashing the flesh and baring her shiny celebrity skin for us all to gawp at, so naturally she tweeted a topless picture of herself when she was in the UK this weekend to perform on The X Factor.

(If you don't like seeing actual nipples, best not to scroll down...)

rihanna topless picture

"#LondonNightLife," she said.

Of course she did. The London nightlife we're more used to seeing involved drunk men on the nightbus and rats leaping infront of us like giant gazelles doing hurdles in the street, but we're not Rihanna (as we established on her plane).

While we're talking about Rihanna's boobs, a picture has been doing 'the rounds' online claiming to be the original shot of Ri's Unapologetic album artwork - where she's naked - with her boob on display.

rihanna unapologetic topless picture

It's pretty convincing, but Rihanna's POO-POOED the shot, replying to a post on Twitter with "Where my ring tho?" which we can only assume means "But good sir, if supposed picture is meant to be, where is my nipple ring that I so gloriously wear on said breast?"

Good point.

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Pics: Twitter