It's all festive frolicks in the sun for this lot

While our Christmas involved being huddled in a duvet, watching terrible telly and scoffing our own body-weight in chocolate, various celebs took a slightly more glamourous route, and jetted off on fancy holidays.

No we're not jealous at all. Not even a tiny bit.

celebs on holiday

The lucky b*stards Celebs including Demi Lovato, Caroline Flack, Nick Grimshaw & Justin Bieber have been enjoying the sun over the festive period, and posting all sorts of pics online to rub it in share their experiences.

Let's take a look, and try not to shout 'IT'S NOT FAIR' at the computer screen while we do so, shall we?

Justin Bieber

celebs on holiday

Here's Justin causally hanging out on some rocks in Mexico. As you do. We'd like to point out that his pal is wearing a wooly hat. HIS HEAD MUST BE BOILING.

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