It’s Harreh the baddeh

When One Direction’s Harry Styles was nominated for Villain of the Year in the NME Awards we all thought it was a little strange. Firstly because he’s actually an awesome guy, who’s always been very charismatic, polite and friendly when we’ve met him; and secondly because he was up against the likes of Azealia Banks who’s recently shown herself to be a massive homophobe, and David Cameron who... don’t even get us started.

Then we remembered that the voters are oddly scared of boys that sing in pop bands like it’s something that genuinely affects their lives, and THEN we remembered Harry Styles is actually a villain.

Harry Styles

“WHAT?” we hear you yell. “How could Lord Hazza of the Stazza be a real life villain? Shut up and die Sugarscape, no one likes you anyway.”

Well Scapers, CLICK NEXT for four horribly villainous acts Harry Styles has committed on the other members of 1D, you actually won't believe them.