promise rings, begging phonecalls, and 48 hour love ins - the Haylor storm just keeps on raging

Another week, another shiz load of Haylor rumours.

Yep, the Harry Styles and Taylor Swift hype may have been somewhat eclipsed by Zayn Malik *allegedly* doing the lurve tango with someone other than Perrie Edwards – but that hasn’t stopped the Haylor rumour mill from churning.


Here’s a round up of all the latest ridonculous gossip for you to roll your eyes at TRES DRAMATICALLY.

Harry and Taylor are back together, and planning a ‘romantic getaway’ for Valentines day.

Yup, according to Now magazine, Harreh was ‘on his knees’ begging Tay Swiz for another chance while 1D were in Japan. A mysterious ‘source’ also claims that he intends to give her a ‘promise ring’ when they head off for this mythical getaway. Lovely.

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