Come on booooyyys, make this happen.

One Direction’s Take Me Home world tour is so close we can almost smell the Nando’s in Niall Horan’s rider. Last year’s shows gave us lots of lovely little treats such as Harry Styles’ shirt getting ripped open, Big Brown Poo, Louis Tomlinson using a fan’s mobile onstage and erm, DJ Malik. Ahem.

But what can we expect from 2013’s? What surprises could the laaads have up their sleeves? Oh we don’t know, we’re not frickin’ psychics, but we can tell you what we’d like to see them do and hopefully they’ll pay attention. Nialler sweet’art, we know you’re reading.


THING 1: More dance routines, init.

Oh yes, we know that the boys aren’t about the dancing and they’re all a bit rubbish at it, but we can’t help what we want. Now we’re not asking them to get all JLS on us, but we would like them to experiment with some contemporary ballet, maybe a bit of tap too.

If they don’t fancy getting their “good toes, naughty toes” out, then we’d suggest doing something with fire. We’re not sure what exactly, but it would definitely involve Louis Tomlinson jumping through a hoop.