So much more to it than looking like you need a poo

Kristen Stewart might be known for her refusal to crack a smile even when a flock of three week old puppies are galivanting around her feet, but we've recently made a discovery that suggests this is all part of a plan.

A masterful plan that involves her using the smize to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Or at very least, the red carpets of Hollywood with her internal eye smiles.

Kristen Stewart guide to smiling with your eyes or SMIZING

If there's anything we've learnt from laying on the sofa watching America's Next Top Model, it's probably that in order to avoid getting slagged off by Tyra Banks for looking to mournful when posing in stilettos on the back of a pony, it's that you need to master the smize.

Clearly K-Stew has taken a few lessons from Tyra and is secretly communicating her sheer joy via a stern mouth and a smiley eye.

No, we can't tell the difference either.

But apparently K-Stew can.

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