At least they all had slow-dance partners. Narry had each other.

After the One Direction boys were done taking a million awkwardly angled selfies and answering ‘Can you believe all this?’ to fifty gazillion journos, they left the red carpet of the This Is Us premiere in Leicester Square, and headed down to the very snazzy Sanderson Hotel for a boogey to Spandau Ballet and a couple of sausage rolls from the buffet.

But the lads ditched the whole ‘Bros before hoes’ thing in favour of some company from the fairer sex for the evening, arriving hand in hand with their girlfriends.

Oh, apart from Harry and Niall who are still very much available, ladies. WE’LL RACE YOU.

Liam Payne Sophia Smith

Liam Payne might have only just revealed that he’s once again a taken man, but he wasn’t shy about showing off his brand new gorgeous girlfriend and childhood mate, Sophia Smith.

We can't see much of her face, but we're guessing she’s quite a woman if she’s willing to be seen near Liam whilst he pulls out his best dad dancing moves.

Eleanor Calder Louis Tomlinson

LOOK, it’s Elounor. We waited all night to catch a glimpse of these to lovebirds having a cheeky snog on the back row, but we’ll settle for them looking super cute as they arrived at the party.

With El getting more gorgeous every time we see her, and Louis and his naked ankles looking so devilishly handsome, we’d have paid good money to see these two do the Cha Cha Slide together. No, that's not code for anything grubby.

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