The Guinness is on Nialler then

Well, it seems those One Direction lads are trying to kill us all with over excitement, aren't they? Considering we're very much still swooning over Liam and his new girlfriend Sophia Smith going public, and don't even TRY to make us form words about what will be the greatest wedding on Earth thanks to Zayn Malik popping the question to Perrie Edwards.

But clearly all of this and the small matter of their massive blockbuster This Is Us hitting cinemas soon isn't enough for us - because now Harry Styles has made the BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER, and revealed that Niall Horan is pregnant.

Niall Horan Harry Styles 

Yep, stop everything and try not to dwell on the science of it too much for now because the good news just never stops with 1D and their weird and wonderful lives. The newest band member to be celebrating some good news happens to be Niall, who's confirmed to be pregnant - we assume he's taken the proper tests though and hasn't just misjudged a large Nandos related food baby.

Speaking to The Today Show, Harry decided to do the UNACCEPTABLE and steal the spotlight from Zerrie and their upcoming nuptials - telling host Richard: "Congratulations Niall. Niall's pregnant" while shaking his pal's hand. Watch the clip for yourself and see.

Well, *obviously* we're all still a bit in shock, but we're choosing to embrace the soon-to-be addition to the One Direction family and instead focus on a more important matter - who the bloody hell is the father?

We put on our best sleuthing hats and had a right ol' think about this conundrum, and as far as we can tell there can only be a few impregnating culprits...

1. Simon Cowell because he seems to be on a bit of a roll with that at the moment.

2. James Corden - as Zayn has demonstrated, getting a tattoo of someone on your body spells serious true love.

3. Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. No explanation needed.

Niall Horan

Well, those are our best guesses, but what do you reckon? Think Niall's picking out names yet? Who do you think would make the best godfather? And of course, leave your messages of congratulations below...

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