Being careful to not slip into the lull of married life, JLS’s Marvin Humes has admitted that he and wifey Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturdays keep things hot and steamy with a bit of dirty texting when they’re kept apart by their busy working schedules.

Marvin and Rochelle\

He confessed to Heat magazine that they’re ‘always’ sending eachother a few rude messages, words AND pictures, while Rochelle is away touring with The Saturdays in America.

Marv told Heat that ‘It’s always good to keep everything alive, man. Do you know what I mean? You should do everything with your wife that you did when you were single, ie…. you know…rude text messages.”

When asked exactly how rude this chitchat gets, Aston answered for his bandmate. “Marriage-rude. There’s no holds barred in marriage. That ring is binding.” Lovely. But come on, giz the gory details Marv!

We're not sure how Rochelle will feel about her hubby sharing the sex goss from their relationship with the world, but the thgought of sexy-text-pics of Marv pleases us immensly.

Marvin (we know you read this), if you ever feel unsure about a pic, we're happy to screen it for you first before you send it over. No worries.

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