It's all a bit purple

Emma Watson's new advert for Lancome's perfume Tresor Midnight Rose has landed and it looks as though the lighting guy had a bit of a love affair with the colour purple. Even the black and white scene has a purple hue.

It's all very chic and parisian. We see Emma getting ready in a seductive purpley atmosphere for what we assume is a hot date.

Then we see a flashback, this time in a more romantic lilac shade of her in a bookshop where she meets a fittie who works there. Conveniently she leaves her hat behind.

Then we cut back to hot date night and see the guy waiting for Emma in a bar with her hat on but then she walks past the window! He runs after her but it looks like she has boarded the pretty little boat making it's way down the river.

But is she gone forever?

Click next and watch the ad to find out...