Cover cuties!

Sisters Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning both feature on the cover of December's W magazine and they both looked absolutely stunning. Looking at these pictures very nearly made us shed a tiny tear of envy.

One thing we can be sure of with the Fanning sisters is that there can't be any sibling rivalry on the looks front because they both have the faces of angels. It's really not fair for all that beauty to be confined to one gene pool.

Did these two just completely bypass the awkward teenage phase? Elle is only 13 for love of all that is holy. How can she look better than we ever have? That is not how life is supposed to work.

Not only that they seem to have their heads completely screwed on too. There'll be no going off the rails for these child stars. They're just so cute and down to earth in their video screen tests. We couldn't dislike them even if we wanted to.

Click next for more pics and to see the screen tests that W's Lynn Hirschberg did with the girls...