We chat to Cher about her new perfume and that other bottle at V Festival

Cher Lloyd officially launched her perfume today and we were there to have a good sniff and a chinwag with the lady herself.

Clasping the pink diamond shaped bottle, Cher looked stunning in a white dress with bright pink matching nails and lipstick.

But what does the stuff actually smell like...?

Cher Lloyd

Well, it’s sweet but not sickly. It’s definitely very girly, but it smells mostly of vanilla with a nice hint of fruitiness.

It'll set you back £15 for 30ml and £20 for 50ml.

Once we were satisfied that we’d smelled enough sniffs, we sat down for a chat with Cher herself…

We have to ask you about Virgin Media V Festival, [when some nasty member of the public threw a bottle of wee at Cher on stage], how do you get past something like that?

Just to step back for a minute and realise that there’s so many good things going on in my career at the moment, we’ve got everything in the US, we’ve got this fragrance in the UK. I mean, there shouldn’t be anything that’s going to get me down. At the time I was upset about it, but the amount of support that artists have shown me and it’s made me realise that it wasn’t personal, it was actually something that happens to all the artists. I heard it happened to Beyonce. Now if that can happen to Beyonce, I don’t know why it was a big deal about me.

Cher Lloyd

Sales of the perfume have already exceeded expectations, is It good to know that your fans are behind you?

Definitely, I mean it’s great to see the amount of people that are interested in the perfume and I hope also, fingers crossed, people are buying it that don’t necessarily like me. They’re buying it because it looks cool, and I feel great about that.

You said you wanted your perfume to empower girls, so what's the message?

The message of this fragrance is basically, no matter what you look like, no matter what you’re doing, put this perfume on and feel great about yourself. I beat myself up every day about the way that I look. I’m done with doing that, I haven’t got time to mess around with stuff like that. You need to embrace yourself.

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