Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's just Gaga dressed as a pantomime camel

With London Fashion Week drawing to a close we have seen some bonkers outfits going on in the world of celeb, but a seat on the front row is no excuse for shoddy dressing and the time has come to name and shame the week's worst dressers. 

This week's culprits are an odd bunch but nevertheless we will be nominating Lady Gaga's pantomime camel ensemble, Kelly Osbourne's bruise-like eyeshadow, Nicki Minaj's hip-hat and Elle Fanning's school uniform for the coveted crown of questionable taste.

Nicki Minaj

Although we like the all over print on Nicki's outfit, the addition of the hat seems like a slightly strange choice. Mainly as she's not even wearing it on her head. We like trend-setters and all, but are not sure the hip-hat is going to catch on any time soon.

P.S. Why didn't anybody tell her she was wearing odd shoes before she left the house?

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