Net curtains, pedal pushers and PVC - a standard week for celeb fashion

We're used to celebs looking sleek and glamorous as they swan their way up the red carpet, but sometimes they make some questionable choices, leaving us with no other option than to nominate their fashion faux pas for the week's Worst Dressed list.

Enter Alexandra Burke's pedal pushers, Nicki Minaj's fluro PVC and Hayden Panettiere's blue net curtains..

Nicki Minaj

First up has to be Nicki at the launch of her new Pink Friday fragrance. The problem we have with this ensemble is that it's actually hurting our faces to even look at the medley of clashing colours she's got going on.

While we generally like her zany style, we're not convinced by the blue and white striped trousers and violently clashing crop top she's working. It's probably best not to mention the PVC hat and although it might be waterproof, it makes her look more like Thomas The Tank Engine's newest BFF than a popstar.

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